About The Tři čtvrtě winery


The Tři čtvrtě Winery is a small, almost a boutique winery from Bořetice. Our main treasure is the Čtvrtě vineyard. Vineyard planted mostly in the 70s with a romantic view of Pálava. The loess black soil and the south-western orientation of the slope are ideal for growing red wine varieties. It is no coincidence that Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent became our flagship, but Gewurztraminer and Neuburg are catching up on them.

We are in favor of a friendly approach to nature! Just as we take from nature, something needs to be returned to it. We give the wines space and let them mature in their own way - spontaneous fermentation, letting them lay longer on yeasts, we do not filter them and we clarify them only when necessary. The wines mature in old oak barrels. We release white wines into the world after at least a year, and red wines mature for at least two years before they get bottled.

Winemaker's daughter

Are you wondering who is hiding in the cellar of the Tři čtvrtě winery? It's me, Zuzka. The winemaker`s daughter who lovingly learns the winemaking and viticulture craft. But the story is far from just about me. For the most part, my family helps me as well as nature itself, which can always mix something unique into wine. It is simply unbeatable in that.
I was born into a wine family. My first memories are from the cellar, where my grandfather lean on me while he was inspecting the barrels. But my path to viticulture was not as straightforward as it might seem. On the contrary, it was a quite a winding road. I was almost avoiding the winery for quite some time. I had to grow up and understand that it is hard but beautiful work. 
I started taking over the reins of the winery from my dad in 2015, and a year later the winery got its official form. The Tři čtvrtě winery and my first wine - Frankovka 2016 - were born. The beginnings were rough and my dad had to have almost holy patience with me. But it worked! In wines, I let the variety speak with respect to the current year. This creates distinctive, even wayward wines, which form the story of a dream come true.

Our wine


Herbal Gruner Veltliner or the stubborn Neuburg, which goes well with bacon bread.


The Welschriesling that can tell stories or a spicy Gewurztraminer with tones of tea rose.


Portugal, which can be drunk here and now. Straight forward St. Laurent, French elegant Merlot or Blaufrankisch, which you can't miss.


Cute pink St. Laurent or pink Blaufrankisch - a unicorn that does not appear every year.

White wine

Orange wine

Red wine

Rozé wine

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